Ideal Concepts Co. (ICC) was established with two objectives in mind; the first, to capitalize on advanced lighting technologies to provide intelligent and aesthetically pleasing lighting systems, and the second, to supply the market with cost-effective and energy–saving lighting solutions.

ICC is the company of choice for those looking to design sophisticated and innovative lighting systems. At ICC, top class engineers collaborate with architects and interior designers to design optimum lighting solutions on a daily basis. Realizing the architect’s desired aesthetic impact, they use the most advanced design tools such as 3D rendering and Lux-Calculation algorithms, all of which aim to deliver the desired ambience or general mood.

Interactive lighting systems have transitioned from being an aesthetic addition to an actual requirement. Functionalities such as dimming, sensor interaction and the ability to control fixtures collectively or separately are quickly becoming standard specifications in many lighting applications. This is where ICC comes into play; ICC carries a versatile range of products from Europe’s renowned brands, with the ability to integrate different sources to match its own tailor-made designs.

Lighting contributes directly to the overall energy consumption. Therefore, bringing ICC into the equation will help provide you with sustainable energy-saving solutions. Nowadays, LEDs are recognized for their extended operation lifetime, lasting 50,000 hours compared to traditional bulbs. Moreover, LEDs have better luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) than traditional bulbs in all settings, which range from indoor and outdoor spaces to commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, ICC can be trusted to provide optimum solutions with effective cost saving and sustainability in mind.

ICC offers A to Z solutions. We design, select, supply, supervise and commission the best lighting systems to match our client’s needs, thus guaranteeing full customer satisfaction.

At ICC we create better ambiences at lower electricity bills!

Bassem Fuad Farradj