Tufenkjian Jewelery
Amman - Jordan

Tufenkjian is a premium jeweler with branches in Lebanon and Jordan. Realizing a new luxury location in the center of the high end jewelry market in West Amman the project was realized. The project concept was to reflect the luxurious, extravagant identity of the brand, as well as its premium product. This feeling was conveyed in the project’s dark look with hints of silver and chrome to highlight the magnificence of its jewelry designs.

There were many challenges we overcame with regards to the lighting design, since the project designer (Soura Madani DH) had developed the design to be a luxury destination to clients. First of the challenges was related to enhancing the lighting in the display boxes that were lined with black velvet, thus absorbing most of the lighting. By using special linear LED lights suitable for jewelry lighting, positioned at different locations and angles to provide optimum lighting and minimal glare the outcome was achieved.

As for the lobby and display tables, ceiling recessed “LED Narrow Beam Downlights” with a high CRI of 95 were used to maintain focus on the jewelry display tables, where the diamond and precious stone colours and reflections could be highlighted, while adding some dark contrast to the space in less lit areas.

While for the main feature in the space, the uniquely designed back wall light matrix, the challenge was to light the wall using a technology that shows homogeneous lighting, minimal maintenance, and low energy consumption. The solution entailed a special maintenance technique integrated in the back boards to allow for a uniquely catered maintenance and operating technique within the limited depth allowed.

As for the exterior elevation, they were lit by two uniquely positioned LED elliptical beam projectors, and only to light the windows, while not allowing for glare or light pollution onto the surrounding surfaces.

All used lighting used had to be very efficient and with high colour rendering qualities due to the application, as well as extremely low heat signature. The outcome was an exceptional project to client, users of the space and especially the design team involved.